Our History

In the Beginning
MFT was established in 1993 when we were chosen to be an official distributor for Luwa, a leading air filter manufacturer from Switzerland.

Realization of Our Passion
In 1996, a new private hospital engaged MFT to resolve air quality issues in their operating theatres. Through a thorough investigation and analysis of their filtration system, we identified the root cause of the air quality issues. Based on their situation, we recommended solutions that involved meticulous engineering and component and system application. The results were significantly positive, leading the client to request for a check on their systems to ensure compliance with MFT standards – the Swiss guideline that is the most stringent hygiene standard requirements for hospital. Following this project, more and more hospitals began to engage us to do the same.

MFT thus became recognized as a leading air engineering solutions provider, especially in sensitive, controlled environments.

Advocating a Better Environment
Our achievements for the past two decades are evidence of our passion and quality products. Moving forward, we are looking to extend our expertise to more industries and environments.


1993 1996 2006 2007 2010 2011 2012 2014 2015

Started company with the name Micro Filtration Technology. Established in Singapore as a filter trading company representing Luwa air filters in the Southeast Asian region, serving the microelectronics and pharmaceutical industries

Expanded our service to the hospital sector when we conducted research and analysis for airborne contamination control at Gleneagles Hospital

Previously known as AIRIS-Pure Service Concept, we underwent a market rebranding and repositioning to better reflect our air quality improvement services that were focused on end-users

Awarded the first turnkey project involving building work for the upgrade of 21 major operating theatres, including supply of medical facilities and testing and commissioning services

Achieved ISO 9000 Quality Management and OHSA 18000 Occupational Health and Safety accreditation

Launched Micro Air and Micro Design, our air quality evaluation service and design & build service for medical locations, respectively

Established a foothold in the commercial, micro-electronics industry

Launched CAT to improve IAQ / Haze & Epidemic Preparedness

The company name was changed to MFT

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