We aspire to benefit the health and well-being of mankind through clean, quality air.


We consistently help clients to discover the power of clean air through our knowledge and innovative applications.

Core Values

We are committed to providing precise observations and analysis, and sharing accurate, up-to-date information in a completely honest and transparent manner with our clients.

Our priority is the well-being of our clients and employees alike, and to this end, we strive to build a common understanding. We are especially supportive of the personal growth and development of our employees so as to better serve our clients.

As a leading expert in air engineering solutions, we believe it is our responsibility to remain abreast of the latest technologies and innovation to inspire greater trust and confidence among our clients.

Driven by a genuine concern for the health, wellness and state of indoor environments, we are passionate and enthusiastic in our efforts to apply our expertise in problem solving and to constantly learn from each project.

Making Cleaner Air

In today's society, many people would not associate productivity or economic growth with air quality. Through our years of experience, we have found that air quality is essential in protecting the health and wellness of people – especially in indoor settings. This in turn, affects an organization's robustness and resilience.

Besides advocating quality work and products, MFT is a big believer of knowledge sharing. That's why we combine our knowledge with sound engineering and teamwork, to deliver proven, measurable results for our clients. Through our high standards, we build lasting partnerships based on trust and confidence.

Indeed, as a leading provider of air engineering solutions and services, we are taking the initiative to better the welfare of the general public. Our clients reap benefits in being a place of choice for their employees and customers. We are committed to educating and empowering our clients to make the world a healthier place and improve productivity.

Awards & Achievements

Since 2011, we are in the technical committee under the National Environment Agency as a contributing member to set the guidelines for IAQ (Indoor Air Quality).

Our M.D. Thomas Chan was invited by NUS professors to conduct courses on air filtration for students as part of the curriculum.

Since 2011, we have been awarded the BizSafe Star certification.
Since 2004, we have been certified ISO 9002 and OSHAS 18000.

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