Over the years, MFT has formed strong working partnerships with some of the key air engineering solution providers in the industry, each with a longstanding reputation for producing high quality air engineering products. In turn, such close working relations have enabled us to deliver unrivalled quality and first-class technical and operational support to our clients.


Air Filtration

1. Particulate & Gas Filters
MFT uses high quality particulate and gas filters that have been rigorously tested against EN 779 and EN 1822. Combined with correct selection and application of filters, our solutions result in excellent performance and cost-savings. Our European standard compliant filters are able to withstand low pressure drop and improved efficiency over time. The economical advantage of a filter that has been correctly applied is a long, extended service life.
*Filter performance subjected to system design and application

2. NSC Safe Change Housing
An air sealed housing complete with barrier bag HEPA and activated carbon filters, the NSC Safe Change Housing is designed to remove radioactive, toxic or pathogenic dust particles and gases from ventilation systems before exhausting out into the atmosphere. The barrier bag ensures that the filter technician is protected from exposure to harmful airborne contaminants during filter replacement.

Key Products


Air Filters for HVAC & Cleanroom


BIBO (Bag In Bag Out) / Safe Change Housing


Gas / Chemical Filters


HEPA Filter Ceiling Module


Clean Air Technique (CAT) System

Pre-Insulated Duct

Made of factory-made aluminium/polyurethane sandwich panels, the pre-insulated air ducts are manufactured and researched in Italy. Coupled with international and local certifications, including EN 13403, the pre-insulated air ducts provide excellent thermal insulation while being environmentally friendly without CFC and HCFC, energy efficient, and delivers consistent performance with minimal occurrence of air leakage.

Installation is fast and easy, resulting in minimal downtime. The pre-insulated ductwork are extremely light weight, about 10 times lighter than steel ducting, offering top performances with very long durability, without loosing anything in terms of safety, hygiene and fire resistance. The pre-insulated ductwork can be installed either outdoor or indoor providing, when exposed, a fine external finish.

The pre-insulated ductwork is the ideal solutions for any HVAC installation from residential to commercial, from food processing and electronics to pharmaceuticals and hospitals. It also complies with the strict international standards for these types of products.

Medical Equipment

This category of products helps to boost the effectiveness and success rate of chemical and biological healthcare products that may not otherwise achieve their intended results, including pharmaceuticals or vaccines, as well as medical devices intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.

Optima CG
The OPTIMA CG is a round shaped non turbulent air distributor that cuts above conventional laminar flow systems. The unit provides a stable flow of sterile air that flush out (or) removes airborne contaminants in the operating field fastest possible way. Hence, providing a germ free operating field to reduce infection risk and is especially beneficial for major operations, isolation wards and ICUs.

A HEPA filter ceiling module that provides air filtration and distribution in one unit, the Filtrasept eliminates contaminants from the air stream immediately before supplying air into the environment – ideal for use wherever clean air or germ-free atmosphere is needed. The Filtrasept housing has built in provision ports that allows filter seal leak test (DIN1946), and pressure differential measurement.

OPTIFLU Fluff Separator
The common occurrence of lint and fluff in operating theatres is evident in clogged exhaust ducts that then pose as fire hazards. The OPTIFLU is made of steel components that trap fluff at the exhaust outlet, and which can be easily removed for cleaning and disinfection.

Surgical and Aesthetic Lights
With many years of experience in lighting and technology in operating theatres, intensive care rooms and hospital rooms, MFT delivers intelligent lighting solutions that provide optimal lighting comfort for safe, focused work.

Other Accessories include: Medical pendants, Bed head units, Exhaust system, Monitoring Digital Panel

Modular Room System

Prefabricated systems for interior partition walls have been used since early 1980s, particularly in the construction of operating rooms and other departments. Over the years, such precast walls are now available in a wide range of materials, accessories and finishes, while improved construction techniques also contribute to greater quality, durability and ergonomics.

Today, the care and well-being of the individual – whether patient or clinician – must be at the center of the design concept. The mental state of well-being comes from a close correlation between treatment protocols, services and ambience. The latter must be practical, functional, secure, and release positive feelings that are transmitted more effectively thanks to the design, materials and colour schemes.

Laminar Air Flow System

The operating theatre ceiling is the most important part of a hospital ventilation system. Also called UCVS (Ultra Clean Ventilation System), these sophisticated systems are actually a combination of a variety of elements, including gas tight welded pressure chambers, air filter housings or filter grids, HEPA filters, priming illumination and air diffusers.

Equipped with sterile air distributors and clean air components, from the latest low turbulence, laminar flow operating theatre ceilings to ancillary equipment such as fluff separators, MFT is improving the day-to-day safety of patients across the world.

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