Air Test

We often take for granted that the quality of indoor air is good enough or at least, safe to function in. In actuality, indoor air quality can be measured and tested against international, industrial standards to determine if it is, in fact, clean.

What most people do not realize is that building ventilation systems are as vital as respiratory systems in living things. When a building ventilation system is below standards or compromised, it has harmful effects on the quality of air within it, and also bears costly consequences on maintenance or repair works and well-being.

That's why we designed and created our air quality testing service. We evaluate the existing condition of a given space through meticulous measurement methods, provide environmental reports that include problem areas, and offer possible solutions that serve to keep the client well-informed to make a decision.

Additionally, MFT provides support for air filter and environmental control supply, applications, and professional installation. A post-installation report is also presented to the client, detailing measurable and tangible improvements. To further boost the integrity of our system, we also implement training programs for end users so that they are educated on system maintenance.

The MFT Air Test Process

Problem Definition

An audit of the environment is conducted for retrofits in pre-existing buildings to understand the airborne landscape.

Data Analysis

The landscape is analyzed to identify the causes of contamination and to draw up potential solutions.


Based on client's expectations and room application, design solutions are proposed.

Project Execution

Components are supplied and professionally installed to ensure no leakage of contaminants.

Testing & Commissioning

The performance of the system is tested through enviromental auditing and the results are submitted to the client as proof of performance.

Periodic Auditing

Bi-annual or annual auditing is carried out to ensure system consistency and to foretell potential problems.

Consultancy for Highly Sensitive Environments

In sensitive controlled environments such as operating theatres and other medical sites, the compromisation of ventilation and air conditioning systems can have very serious consequences. Such areas require extremely careful attention to details in design, build, and maintenance.

Our consultation service for sensitive environments is a holistic approach that takes into consideration the overall design and build of the hospital while cross-checking against professional standards of and for:

Austrian standards ÖNORM H 6020:2007 for layout planning and EN ISO 14644-1 Class 5 for hygiene requirements

Building structure, space and patient flow issues

ACMV and electrical facilities

Equipment and technological limitations


European Good Management Practices (where applicable)

Our design solutions prioritize the hospital's air conditioning needs, even from initial planning stages, taking into consideration factors such as contamination control, patient flow, operational and cost efficiency. Using the above professional standards as a baseline, our solutions are further customized based on each hospital's unique culture, working closely with microbiologists and infection control departments while adhering to local governing laws.

Service & Maintenance

Servicing and maintenance of the ACMV systems and equipment are also conducted for some clients. We form a close partnership with our clients, believing in instilling a sense of ownership and belonging so that optimal engineering and technology applications are used for the best balance of equipment efficiency, energy and labour costs, downtime, and clean air environment.

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