Over the years, we've gained the trust and support from clients across a wide range of industries. Each of them poses different challenges and requirements, and at MFT, we've designed a system that allows us to best understand and serve our clients' needs. Based on our experience, we've highlighted key concerns of the various industries that we strive to address as key performance indicators.

The MFT Method


The management teams of hotels and offices are often faced with similar challenges – keeping employee turnover low, maximizing labour efficiency, and protection of assets. Many of our clients are surprised to find out that the air quality of their hotel premises has a relation to these factors. MFT helps our clients from the hotel industry by:

Improving Comfort and Welfare
of Staff & Guests

A constant flow of cool and clean air is achievable with an efficient air-conditioning system that filters out particles in the air while regulating air flow.

Boosting Productivity & Profitability
An efficient air-conditioning system results in economic benefits for the client, as a result of low operating costs from minimal man-hours and downtime for maintenance and repair, while conserving energy.

Enhancing Workforce Efficiency
With quality air filters and air-conditioning systems, technicians and service crew are able to allocate more time and resources for more essential maintenance works.


Industries such as semi-conductors and micro electronics pay particular attention to the air quality in their facility, as it is a significant factor of production yield. Ultra clean rooms are built within the plants and the purity standards are considerably stringent. Crucial filtration components are a requisite in attaining these conditioned environments, to meet required standards. MFT is able to support clients from the industrial plants by:

Maximizing Production Yield & Profitability
An efficient air-conditioning equipped with optimal filtration system in cleanrooms will result in economic benefits for the client, through minimizing contamination defects in production.

Reliable Supply Partner
The variable components required by our clients in the industrial plants are crucial. It is important that quality is never compromised, and the supply partner is well-versed and supportive with their stringent requirements.


Airborne contaminant control is a key concern in the healthcare industry, especially in the operating theatre. There are several critical factors that contribute to the success of every surgical procedure. The surgeon's skill, together with the entire environment of the operating theatre, including its hygiene and facilities, is vital for success. With consideration of all aspects of environment control, MFT provides:

One-stop Solution for Total Environment Control
From initial consultation to audit, design and installation, we adopt the highest hygiene standards, while remaining cost-effective and flexible to meet our clients’ varied needs.

Greatest Performance Satisfaction for All Stakeholders
On top of addressing critical environmental contamination concerns, we also take into account all other needs of our client such as space requirements and operating costs.

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